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How Many Chemicals Are In A Cigarette ?

cigarette contains a large number of chemicals. We can examine it in two parts,.

  • One is default chemicals
  • Second part is releases when burned newly created chemicals
Nearly 700 chemicals in cigarette before it burned, after burned it creates more than 6,000 chemicals. And these chemicals are really poisonous and dangerous for who smokes it. These numbers depends tobacco company and marketing sale politics. Most of these chemicals are addictive and quitting can be hard.

Smokers can even create connections with things after they sometimes smoke, like having a cigaret while reading the newspaper, it will simply be a habit. this will reinforce the addiction to smoking.

People could associate smoking with feeling less stressed and anxious, however this is often solely as a result of it quickly relieves the unpleasant symptoms of alkaloid withdrawal.

A lot of lethal and carcinogenic(cancer cause) ingredients (as we know it is over 60) in tobacco smoke.

Lets see some main ingredients in tobacco smoke:

Some of these which are listed below can cause to some really dangerous health problems.Most of them are poisonous and can cause to cancer directly.

Haxamine :

Barbecue Lighter. It also known as urotropin and it is organic compound.

Butane :

Lighter Fluid. Four carbon atoms and two structural isomer or some mixtures in it.

Tolunene :

Industrial Solvent. For instance; oils, dyes and inks.

Nicotine :

Insecticide. It is poisonous and it affects directly brain. Addictiveness comes from it mainly.

Acetic Acid :

Vingegar (also known ethanoic acid). It has not any colour and boiling point is nearly 118 C.

Methanol :

Rocket Fuel and aviation usages.

Stearic Acid :

Candle Wax. 18 carbon chain and octadecanoic acid is in it. It is called also stearates.

Ammonia :

Toilet Cleaner. It has not colour and it boost the effect of nicotine.

Benzene :

Petrol Fumes. It is classified as a hydrocarbon.

Arsenic :

Poison (it is so harmfull). It is mainly can be found in rat poison. But cigarette contains small quantity arsenic in it.

Carbon Monoxide :

Car Exhaust Fumes. It is actually a gas and has not any colour. It releases after burned. It causes mainly lung cancer.

Cadmium :

Batteries. It is generally used in television phosphors and in picture tubes.

Acetone :

Paint Stripper Nail Varnish. It was using as a solvent, it is so dangerous for human brain.

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